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Snowboarding – fight or flight?

Winter can be an amazing time in the UK – if the weather plays ball. The off season can serve up some cracking windsurfing/SUP/surfing conditions. However it can also be a bummer with seemingly endless weeks of freezing weather with … Continue reading

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Windsurfing fins – 18cm freestyle review

In a bid to try something different, and test the versatility of modern windsurfing fins, I took a K4 Fins Bubble 18cm freestyle skeg and chucked it up against some ‘real world’ windsurfing conditions. We’re not all hardcore rubber bendy men … Continue reading

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Cold water solution – Ianovated winter wetsuit review

I’m not going to deny – the Ianovated winter wetsuit looks unusual. With its protruding plastic tubing; jokey comments and banter will be standard. And yet, having now tried the suit in a variety of conditions, I can confirm that … Continue reading

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Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun 8.7ft SUP review

Jimmy Lewis is a legend in the board shaping world and his stand up paddle boards are held in high regard right across the globe. The distinctive minimalist livery and shark logo are instantly recognisable. I tried out a Jimmy … Continue reading

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After the ‘party’ – luxury glamping honeymoons

On the  face of it you’d think this was off topic compared to my normal scribblings. Scratch beneath the surface though and glamping honeymoons is still a subject revolving around travel – of sorts… I was fortunate enough to head … Continue reading

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New UK stand up paddle boarding mag

I’ve been involved with stand up paddle boarding from the very early days of its renaissance in the UK. Whilst not the first in the country I was one of the few in my home town out sweeping regularly during … Continue reading

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Small SUP fins – trailer thruster review

If you’re looking for ultimate SUP surfing performance from your gear then you’ll need to change your fins. Stock skegs are all well and good but only experimentation will you find what truly works for you. I recently tested the … Continue reading

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