A bit about me, in video form

I made this little brown paper bag video ditty for LinkeIn but thought I’d share it here as well.

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Winter 2017/18 stand up paddle boarding video content roundup – non-complicated edits to help spread the stoke

As anyone who works in content creation knows video content is a good way to increase engagement on your website or social media feeds. This is even more so when dealing with action sports and lifestyle hobbies where conveying movement and stoke can sometimes be hard through written words alone. In a lot of cases video can be the best format (and the quickest).

Some, however, think video content needs to be a highly polished and well edited four minute flick that takes a while to put together, which simply isn’t true. Video content can simply be a case of mashing together a bunch of images and having them stitched into video form with a bit of music added for atmsophere. Or, you can create the kind of videos that follow below, as I’ve done for SUP Mag UK.

Starboard Hyper Nut 7’8″ cold surf testing

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Conditions all change – SUP and surf kayaking, Jan 2018

The weather can change in a heartbeat – pretty obvious for anyone living in this very same neck of the woods. Having had weeks of full power windsurfing the last seven days have seen a raft of pulsing swells – some even accompanied by sunshine. As is often the case swapping out one sport for another (or even multiple) is the best way to score time on the brine. Here are a few pics from the last few days of paddle surfing and surf sit on top kayaking.

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Winter windsurfing – the last few weeks of equipment testing

Pictures speak a thousand words. So without writing reams of prose teh following are a bunch of images that highlight what’s been going (generally) during the past few weeks. Full power windsurfing kit testing for Windsurfing UK mainly, as you can see! (Actually either moderately full power or fully lit 50+ knots days).

Thanks to James Jagger and Alex Irwin at Sportography for the images. Check out more from both of them on their individual feeds.

First up is James’ selection –

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Sunrise to sunset – images that make getting up early and getting out late worthwhile

Love a sunrise or sunset pic? Me too! And we get some crackers where I live. Allow me to demonstrate…

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A focus on windsurf hydro foiling – my (main) 2017 muse

While 2017 has had its fair share of full power windsurfing days there have been plenty of lighter air periods that normally I wouldn’t even sniff at. Previously breeze strengths in the low teens would have seen me paddling SUP. Having been passed AHD’s AFS-1 hydro foil and dedicated AHD Shark wind foiling board at the tail end of 2016 the arrival of New Year signalled getting on the foil horse proper and learning this new skill.

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Autumn 2015 – spring 2016, SUP, windsurf and land paddle action

,It’s been a decent off season on the UK’s south coast. We’ve had the usual mix of wind, waves, wind and waves and flat water days. The beginning and middle part of winter was stupidly blowy whereas 2016’s kick off saw breeze tailing off and a few clean surf periods in the mix. The last few weeks have been about predominantly flat water stand up paddle boarding and land paddling.

I wasn’t planning to document this season but when I looked at some of the video footage I had I thought why not…Here’s a snapshot of what it’s been like for me.

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