Buying a winter wetsuit

Bbbrrr, it’s cold out! But why should the chilly weather stop us from enjoying our favourite pastimes? Buying the right winter wetsuit will prolong your water sessions and get you out on even the most brass monkey of days.

If you’re looking at purchasing your first winter wetsuit then here’s a bit of knowledge to help you on your way. Check out my winter wetsuit buying tips over on sitons.

Get it over!Paddling through winter – fine with right gear – pic sitons

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4 Responses to Buying a winter wetsuit

  1. Thanks Tez, I’m looking for a winter wetsuit at the moment so this guide will be handy!

  2. If you want any more info or help feel free to give me a shout.

  3. Thanks Tez, yes mainly for SUP and normal surfing.

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