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Windsurfing UK test the Hyde Sails Blast 5m wing foiling wing.

Hyde Sails Blast wings are going from strength to strength in terms of popularity for wing foiling. I’ve used Hyde Blast wings for a while and love the bottom end grunt yet easy drift handling. As part of my ongoing … Continue reading

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Indiana Surf & Foil foil board test – first run: SUP foil mode (Jan 10, 2022).

This morning I managed to get out for a first run on the Indiana foil board I currently have on test. Indiana is a new brand Foilshop UK is about to start working with via Lyon Watersports. Stay tuned for … Continue reading

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Wing foil is all the rage – wing foil content links.

Wing foil is all the rage within watersports. If you’re not doing it then you’re probably thinking about doing it. And in my case writing/creating wing foil content. Of which some examples can be found below. Check out the links … Continue reading

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Foilshop UK is go! (Well, it has been for a year already…).

At the tail end of 2020 Foilshop UK was launched. With my ongoing work in and around hydrofoiling (wing foil, windfoil, SUP foil, eFoil, foil surfing, foil pumping and so on) I hit upon the idea of creating ‘something’ around … Continue reading

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