Small SUP fins – trailer thruster review

If you’re looking for ultimate SUP surfing performance from your gear then you’ll need to change your fins. Stock skegs are all well and good but only experimentation will you find what truly works for you.

I recently tested the K4 Fins 10″ Shark central fin and and a pair of K4 12″ side bites. I set up this small SUP fin configuration as a thruster trailer (with the middle skeg pushed right back). My thinking was; this should offer the best crossover performance between a tri and twinser set up. The middle K4 10″ Shark should give me just enough grip in bottom turns to avoid spin out (in small to medium sized waves) while the two 12″ side fins would hopefully give drive off the top (if needed) or break free for some sliding fun. You can read the full review on the K4 Fins site now.

Trailer tri fin set up; a different approach to the classic thruster configurationK4 Fins trailer tri fin review – pic Tez


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