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You can contact Tez by email, phone or Skype –


Mobile: 07921 639 168

Skype: tezwoz


2 Responses to Contact Tez

  1. asurferscomposition says:

    I really enjoyed your article about how to become a surf journalist. There is a lot of good advice in it. I’m in the process of leaving my career as an attorney to become a writer. I have submitted four articles to the, all of which have been published. At what point do you think I should stop submitting articles for free?

    • Hey Dylan. Glad you liked the article – it was written a while ago. When to stop doing things for free? Tough one. You need to become established, especially if you’re looking at surfing as your niche. It takes a while to build up a portfolio, which also needs to be as diverse as possible. Having published in one place isn’t enough unfortunately, you need to branch out and get your work elsewhere, which I’m sure you’re aware of. If you can get a regular gig with a recognisable platform, whether that be in print or digital, you’ll be stood in good stead. Even better if you can find a position like staff writer or editor for instance. You’ll still need to be creating additional work outside of this but in time you should have made a name for yourself which should open further doors and allow you to start and make some money from your work. This is just one route to your goal, there are no rights or wrongs. Good luck with it, let me know how you get on.

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