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Kayaking as a cross training tool

Lots of professional athletes use ‘other’ sports to help develop their skills, fitness and overall performance levels in their main discipline. Kayaking is a good example of a fun pastime that can have knock on effects to other sporting areas. … Continue reading

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Top 5 scenic SUP destinations

One of my latest articles has been for Loco SUP and features the top 5 most scenic stand up paddle boarding spots. The post includes Grenada in the Caribbean, the Hawaiian island of Maui, rugged and beautiful Scotland, the stunning Maldives and … Continue reading

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Goya Eclipse 5.3m review

Recently I put the Goya Eclipse 5.3m to the test during a particularly Baltic period of weather in the UK. Battling against the elements (the cold most noticeably) and wind conditions that have been refusing to play ball (breeze from the evil tack – … Continue reading

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Oxygen Drop t-shirt review

Oxygen Drop is a new paddle sports clothing company on the block and they manufacture threads for all enthusiasts who subscribe to a paddlers way of life. If you want to stand out from the crowd by wearing some unique gear then … Continue reading

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Dream kayak locations – UK

The final part of my dream kayak locations article has been published today on and spotlights UK locations. For those looking for ideas of where to head for paddling adventures this year then hopefully this will give you some … Continue reading

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Dream kayak locations pt 2

Here’s the second instalment of my dream kayak locations feature – now live. Check it out and see if you agree… Alaska – pic courtesy  

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Mormaii winter wetsuit review

Well, it’s still absolutely brass monkey’s here in Northern Europe and by the looks of the forecast it’s due to get even colder again! (Ugh!) For those who spend any length of time in the drink then you’ll definitely need to rubber up. Here’s my … Continue reading

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Fatyak Kaafu review

Recently I was asked by Fatyak Kayaks, based in Somerset, to review their all round model – the Kaafu. Designed to accommodate those who want to ride waves, indulge in  a spot of fishing and maybe some flat water exploratory paddling, the … Continue reading

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ISA SUP and Paddleboard Champs 2013

The ISA SUP and Paddleboard Champs were recently held out in Peru and the action came thick and fast. Anyone watching via the live streaming would have been treated to some seriously progressive SUP surfing and nail biting SUP racing. The UK performed admirably but … Continue reading

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Top 5 coastal drinking holes…

…as determined by a surfer. Where do you tend to quaff a post session pint? Tez and Dan enjoying a post windsurf bevvy – pic fi Plavenieks  

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