Services Tez offers

Tez offers the following –

Tez offers digital content creation/management, marketing, curation and strategy. SEO and technical SEO roll out, management and implementation. Social media campaign management, curation and implementation. Google Analytics reporting and monitoring. Traditional print media editing, writing and publishing understanding and roll out.

  • SEO/technical SEO services.
  • Content creation, strategy and implentation.
  • Social media management, campaign implementation.
  • Traditional print media (writing/editing/publishing).
  • Brand management.

Tez also has extensive experience with watersports/action sports equipment R&D having conducted gear tests for many years (e.g. over 2000 stand up paddle boards to date). He’s able to identify suitable demohgraphics for each piece of equipment, potential improvements and how to position each piece of kit in a busy and competitive marketplace. His impartial and technical feedback – across windsurfing, stand up paddle boarding and hydrofoiling – is unparalleled.

  • Equipment testing.
  • R&D feedback.
  • Technical comment and direction.
  • Undertanaidng of rider wants/needs for efficient marketplace targeting.

Get in touch for more info –

07921 639 168

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