Sunrise to sunset – images that make getting up early and getting out late worthwhile

Love a sunrise or sunset pic? Me too! And we get some crackers where I live. Allow me to demonstrate…

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A focus on windsurf hydro foiling – my (main) 2017 muse

While 2017 has had its fair share of full power windsurfing days there have been plenty of lighter air periods that normally I wouldn’t even sniff at. Previously breeze strengths in the low teens would have seen me paddling SUP. Having been passed AHD’s AFS-1 hydro foil and dedicated AHD Shark wind foiling board at the tail end of 2016 the arrival of New Year signalled getting on the foil horse proper and learning this new skill.

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Autumn 2015 – spring 2016, SUP, windsurf and land paddle action

,It’s been a decent off season on the UK’s south coast. We’ve had the usual mix of wind, waves, wind and waves and flat water days. The beginning and middle part of winter was stupidly blowy whereas 2016’s kick off saw breeze tailing off and a few clean surf periods in the mix. The last few weeks have been about predominantly flat water stand up paddle boarding and land paddling.

I wasn’t planning to document this season but when I looked at some of the video footage I had I thought why not…Here’s a snapshot of what it’s been like for me.

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The prototype – VE glass fibre SUP paddle review — SUP Mag UK

VE Paddles approached us this winter for feedback on their new range of stand up paddles they are currently developing. Our initial review of their wave orientated fibreglass version is featured here. ‘Glass fibre’ we hear you cry? Common thinking dictates carbon is best for high end paddles and we were certainly in agreement before […]

via The prototype – VE glass fibre SUP paddle review — SUP Mag UK

The above is an example of how I helped a brand develop a product and then created content off the back of it. It’s great to be able to do this kind of stuff and proves our work at SUP Mag UK is recognised by the paddle sports industry. Stay tuned as I’ll be working on more projects similar to this over the coming months.

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Windsurf prototype wetsuit testing

It’s been a super hectic few months – hence why so few postings from me. What with all the equipment testing I do, content I create and trying to fit this in with family commitments time is extremely limited.

One of the projects I’ve been working on, however, is helping UK based wetsuit company NCW come up with a proper good windsport wetsuit. You can see in the vid the suit working well – air temps were around 2C with a windchill of -1C. A good test of neoprene product if ever there was! Stay tuned on this as it might just get the green light…

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Autumn to winter 2015 – windsurf and stand up paddle

Here’s a little edit cobbled together with smaller clips showing what it’s been like in my ‘hood from a windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding perspective. And the best bit? It ain’t over yet! We’re still getting awesome conditions – sweet!


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Back to the future – Jimmy Lewis Black&Blue Machine 9.6ft review

Source: Back to the future – Jimmy Lewis Black&Blue Machine 9.6ft review

I’m not a traditional nose riding aficionado by any means. Having said that, testing the Jimmy Lewis Black&Blue Machine 9.6ft forces you into this way of paddle surfing – no bad thing. Read the full Black&Blue Machine 9.6ft review over on SUP Mag UK.

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