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Windsurfing UK test the Hyde Sails Blast 5m wing foiling wing.

Hyde Sails Blast wings are going from strength to strength in terms of popularity for wing foiling. I’ve used Hyde Blast wings for a while and love the bottom end grunt yet easy drift handling. As part of my ongoing … Continue reading

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My year of windsurfing and windfoiling, in pics, 2018

As part of my work for Windsurfing UK magazine I test and review a whole raft of equipment – sails, boards, foils and windsurfing accessories. This is in conjunction with similar work I do for SUP Mag UK. Those who are … Continue reading

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Bothering chop – Patrik Trailer Wave 85 windsurf board review

With its minimalist graphical good looks, trailer tri fin skeg configuration and stubby compact outline, the Patrik Trailer Wave 85 is guaranteed to turn heads at the beach. I’d been frothing to get a ride on this baby for a … Continue reading

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Loco 8.11ft and 8.4ft comparison review

I was recently asked by Loco SUP to write a comparison review of their 8.11ft and 8.4ft surf SUP shapes. These two sticks are the brand’s ‘go to’ models for advanced riders who want to rip and shred. The two … Continue reading

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Goya Eclipse 5.3m review

Recently I put the Goya Eclipse 5.3m to the test during a particularly Baltic period of weather in the UK. Battling against the elements (the cold most noticeably) and wind conditions that have been refusing to play ball (breeze from the evil tack – … Continue reading

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