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Grenada surf ‘n’ SUP

If you’re looking for somewhere new this winter then why not check out the Spice Isle of Grenada. Here’s my guide to the surf and stand up paddle boarding spots on the island – Grenada SUP ‘n’ surf. And here’s … Continue reading

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Technical guide to boardshorts – content marketing example

Content marketing is still misunderstood by many. Publishers and site owners hear the jargon and then implement changes on their web pages which they believe to be correct. It’s an easy mistake to just start posting random content, with no … Continue reading

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Surfing/windsurfing/SUP/snowboard journalist – how to be a…

I still get asked how I became a journalist and writer who scribbles about his passions. Although I’m no traditional ‘hack’, and I’d never pretend to be, there’s always a pathway to achieving your goals – if you want it badly … Continue reading

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The dawn patrol

Waking at first light, or sometimes before, to score a session before work or school is a right of passage for anyone into shredding waves. The UK’s surf breaks are dictated to by tides, as much as swell and wind, … Continue reading

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Becoming a professional action sports athlete – is it for me?

As youngsters we all had our sporting idols we looked up to, wondering if some day we could be just like them. Becoming a pro sportsman or woman is probably something that most of us dream of at some point. … Continue reading

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Extreme sports sponsorship – what does it mean?

There are many forms of ‘sponsorship’ within action sports. Riders, however, still get confused with levels of support available. To be fully sponsored is to have your hobby or passion pay its way and give you a career. But there … Continue reading

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Easy steezy – Neff Swayze beanie review

Let’s face it; if you want to your look to be authentic then choosing your snowboard, surf or skate wardrobe carefully is key to pulling off ‘the steez’. If you’re a ‘real’ ripper or shredder then this will come naturally … Continue reading

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Winter SUP destinations

It’s getting chillier in the UK and although the swell is pulsing most folks don’t care for the drop in temperatures that accompany the off (best) season. If you’re looking to get your SUP or surfing fix then now’s the time … Continue reading

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Defining moments in stand up paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding is still the (relatively) new kid on the block in the world of water, ocean and paddle sports. While enthusiasts sweep around stretches of water as per the norm, onlookers, ignorant to SUP, still stop and … Continue reading

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Artificial surfing waves

Scoring a decent surf session is tricky dicky – especially if you don’t live at the coast. Swells can be fickle and windows of opportunity limited as our hectic lives and responsibilities get in the way. Artificial waves provide a means … Continue reading

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