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New born SUP

My new born daughter Molly helping daddy test Loco’s 12.6ft stand up paddle board. Molly and daddy – stand up paddle board testing

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Tall, short, fat or skinny – SUP board sizes

There’s a big trend within stand up paddle surfing at the moment to go toothpick size with your stick. And yet, this simply isn’t possible for some of us. Finding yourself on the wrong side of 80kg prohibits paddlers sweeping around … Continue reading

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Sizing it up – your perfect SUP mate

In light of the current run of uber low volume/width/length surf SUPs being widely promoted, the question is posed: how small should we actually be going? After being dumped by the roadside, the renaissance of longboard stand up paddle surfing has … Continue reading

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Scoring better SUP sessions

Scoring; a verb, the definition of which means to gain a point, goal or run in a competitive environment. In stand up paddle boarding terms it means something completely different. Rather than putting a glorified pig’s bladder in the back … Continue reading

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The dawn patrol

Waking at first light, or sometimes before, to score a session before work or school is a right of passage for anyone into shredding waves. The UK’s surf breaks are dictated to by tides, as much as swell and wind, … Continue reading

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Winter SUP destinations

It’s getting chillier in the UK and although the swell is pulsing most folks don’t care for the drop in temperatures that accompany the off (best) season. If you’re looking to get your SUP or surfing fix then now’s the time … Continue reading

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12.6ft SUP comparison review

If you’re in the market for a new flat water stand up paddle board, but unsure of what to get, then here’s a recent comparison review I did based on Loco’s two 12.6ft SUP shapes. If you’re a podium seeker, … Continue reading

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