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Sunshine, gear testing and baby bump SUP

Here are a couple of preview shots from yesterday’s (second) sunny SUP session with my pregnant wife. It was also a chance to test out some new flat water stand up paddle gear and soak up some rays… Baby bump … Continue reading

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Tall, short, fat or skinny – SUP board sizes

There’s a big trend within stand up paddle surfing at the moment to go toothpick size with your stick. And yet, this simply isn’t possible for some of us. Finding yourself on the wrong side of 80kg prohibits paddlers sweeping around … Continue reading

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Sizing it up – your perfect SUP mate

In light of the current run of uber low volume/width/length surf SUPs being widely promoted, the question is posed: how small should we actually be going? After being dumped by the roadside, the renaissance of longboard stand up paddle surfing has … Continue reading

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(SUP) size is everything!

As you move up through the ranks and start looking for more performance, the SUP gear size question will no doubt raise its head.. ‘What size SUP should I be looking at? What size fins and what size paddle should … Continue reading

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Stick it to ’em – SickStick SUP paddles review

SickStick are a recent brand addition to the burgeoning UK stand up paddle boarding scene. It’s encouraging to note that home grown SUP companies are steadily springing up, adding to an industry that’s thriving – even in the face of … Continue reading

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Loco 8.4ft and 9.5ft surf SUP review

If you’re at the larger end of the weight spectrum and searching for a stand up paddle board that offers performance but retains a good level of stability, then Loco SUP produce two models that could be worthy of consideration. … Continue reading

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SUP wars part two: SUP vs windsurfing

In part two of my regular tongue in cheek SUP wars feature I was asked to write it exclusively for Boards windsurfing magazine on behalf of Loco SUP. So here it is – SUP vs windsurfing, now live on Boards. … Continue reading

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