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Windsurfing in Fuerteventura

The UK is currently being buffeted by some seriously strong winds. If this is amping you for getting involved and learning to windsurf, but you don’t fancy braving winter conditions (and let’s be honest – who can blame you), then … Continue reading

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GoPro Flymount windsurf testing

Thanks to Joe Knapton at Flymount, I managed to get my hands on this popular windsurfing GoPro attachment to put through its paces. Here’s a small preview vid from the Flymount’s first outing, earlier this morning, during some full power … Continue reading

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Becoming a professional action sports athlete – is it for me?

As youngsters we all had our sporting idols we looked up to, wondering if some day we could be just like them. Becoming a pro sportsman or woman is probably something that most of us dream of at some point. … Continue reading

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Freestyle windsurfing flow – Ruben Petrisie interview

Ruben Petrisie is yet another talented windsurfer who learnt the tricks of his trade in the warm waters of Bonaire, Caribbean. Ruben, however, differs from the likes of the Frans brothers (Tonky, Taty and Choco) and Kiri Thode; choosing to … Continue reading

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Extreme sports sponsorship – what does it mean?

There are many forms of ‘sponsorship’ within action sports. Riders, however, still get confused with levels of support available. To be fully sponsored is to have your hobby or passion pay its way and give you a career. But there … Continue reading

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Windsurfing fins – 18cm freestyle review

In a bid to try something different, and test the versatility of modern windsurfing fins, I took a K4 Fins Bubble 18cm freestyle skeg and chucked it up against some ‘real world’ windsurfing conditions. We’re not all hardcore rubber bendy men … Continue reading

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Loe Beach, Cornwall, mini watersports guide

Fancy some watersports action? Love a bit of sailing, windsurfing or kayaking? If the answer is yes then Loe Beach, Feock (Cornwall), could be the ticket. Boasting intermediate friendly conditions and nestling close to Truro – Cornwall’s capital – a … Continue reading

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K4 Fins Bubble 20cm freestyle signature fin review

If you’ve got in mind a spot of twirly windsurfing action then you’ll need the right gear for the job. Stomping all those contorted freestyle moves is only possible with the right set up and fins play as important a … Continue reading

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Essential kit for windsurfing trips

It’s getting nippier here in the UK of A and Jacky Frost is just a few weeks away – I can see him preparing his tools as I gaze out of the window, bbbrrrr… This is the time of year … Continue reading

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Luxury windsurfing holidays

Many windsurfers these days don’t just want an awesome place to sail with reliable wind and/or waves. A large proportion of windy types are plumping for the higher end luxury section of the windsurfing holiday market – and can you … Continue reading

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