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Extreme sports sponsorship – what does it mean?

There are many forms of ‘sponsorship’ within action sports. Riders, however, still get confused with levels of support available. To be fully sponsored is to have your hobby or passion pay its way and give you a career. But there … Continue reading

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Easy steezy – Neff Swayze beanie review

Let’s face it; if you want to your look to be authentic then choosing your snowboard, surf or skate wardrobe carefully is key to pulling off ‘the steez’. If you’re a ‘real’ ripper or shredder then this will come naturally … Continue reading

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Snowboarding – fight or flight?

Winter can be an amazing time in the UK – if the weather plays ball. The off season can serve up some cracking windsurfing/SUP/surfing conditions. However it can also be a bummer with seemingly endless weeks of freezing weather with … Continue reading

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No more X Games Tignes!

Snowboarding has, at least for the most part, escaped the fallout from the economic turmoil that’s been ever present over the past few years. Obviously visitors to snowy climes declined in the subsequent aftermath of 2008 and overall spend in … Continue reading

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Try it, you might like it – reasons to snowboard

Here in the UK we’re still enjoying those warm summer months. After amazing weather in July we’re still doing OK in terms of less rain and more sun, but without wanting to sound like the prophet of doom, winter will … Continue reading

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HandiRack HR20 review

If you’re looking for a quick and easily implemented solution for transporting watersports equipment to the beach (or lake/river) then the HandiRack HR20 inflatable racking system could fit the bill nicely. Here’s what I had to say about how the … Continue reading

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Becoming a watersports instructor

When I set off on my seasonaire journey I never would have guessed how the years spent working overseas, teaching the sports I love, would have molded me. Working as a coach/instructor gave me so many different skills – and … Continue reading

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