KAT Percussion KT3 reggae drum jam

I’ve had my KAT Percussion KT3 e-drumkit a few months now and have to say I’m super stoked with it. I’m pretty aux fait with what it can do (and what it can’t – although there isn’t much that I’d need) and I love the fact you have access to so many drum sounds and kits – versatility you simply don’t get with a single acoustic set up.

Although the KAT Percussion KT3 isn’t a new product (the brand are about to launch their KT4 imminently) I’m still going to be penning a review to hopefully highlight the benefits of this awesome bit of equipment. In the meantime here’s a little reggae drum jam – in the vid I’m playing along to one of the on board tracks stored in the KT3’s modular brain. Check it out…

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