Starboard Black Box (part 3)

There’s wind on the way for us here in the UK. Ex hurricane Bertha looks set to swing in at the weekend bringing blowy weather and mushy waves – well, it is summer.

If you’re looking for a board to cope with the slop then check out Starboard’s Black Box – it could be the one.

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Starboard’s Black Box is still pricking windsurfer’s interest and why wouldn’t it? With it’s unique shape, eye catching graphics and suggested ‘real world’ wave performance, this is certainly one of the most interesting wave board shapes out there currently.

My Starboard Black Box first look piece has been picked up by Starboard and now features on their main site. If you haven’t already seen it then check out what I had to say about the Black Box over on the Exploco blog.

Black Box gybeStarboard Black Box first look – pic courtesy Emma Burton, Blossom Photography

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