Technical guide to boardshorts – content marketing example

Content marketing is still misunderstood by many. Publishers and site owners hear the jargon and then implement changes on their web pages which they believe to be correct. It’s an easy mistake to just start posting random content, with no goals in place, believing this to be the right strategy.

Good quality content, with an SEO leaning, should be engaging, useful, interesting and in the upper tiers be evergreen. Top drawer content should compliment the rest of what’s on the associated page or site and occupy its space for the foreseeable future. Minor tweaks or adjustments may need to be made in due course but these should, in theory, be minimal.

It’s a tricky concept to get right -particularly in many cut throat industries where the playing field changes dramatically – almost on a daily basis. Many brands put out BIG pieces of content that engage their audience in the short term – which is great and definitely has its place. Better content is the evergreen which stands the test of time.

Many will be aware of my areas of expertise -the evidence is plastered all over this very blog. Pinpointing good quality content is mighty easier within the action sports market which this recent example shows.

Check out the Technical Guide to Boardshorts on the surfing pages of Kinetic Edge’s website to see what I’m banging on about.

Mathew Mc Surfer DudeEvery surfer needs a quality pair of boardies


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