Fatstick Red Ripper 10.6ft SUP review

We’ve just had a sweet period of breeze here in the UK – all good things must come to an end though. But fear not, because as the wind dies and the sea glasses off, it’s time to bust out the SUP.

With warmer temperatures on the horizon cruising on your stand up paddle board could be just the ticket. I recently tested the Fatstick Red Ripper 10.6ft for SUP mag UK which is great as an all round recreational SUP sled. You can read the full write up on the main site by following the links.

Tez Plavenieks Fatstick Red Ripper 10.6ftChecking out the Fatstick Red Ripper 10.6ft

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2 Responses to Fatstick Red Ripper 10.6ft SUP review

  1. matthew coburn says:

    What would you suggest would be the better board between the red ripper 10ft or the neptune 10ft all rounder, which board would you say is more likely to last, and what they are like?

    • Hi Mat. They’re both resilient and durable. Fatstick’s Red Ripper is more all round than Neptune’s All Rounder (if that makes sense? The Neptune is actually brilliant in waves, although can be paddled on the flat as well. Neither one is better than teh other they just do slightly different things. Hope that helps? Cheers, Tez

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