Reflections on Gay Mountain – Sochi 2014

As the curtain falls, Winter Olympics on ‘Gay Mountain’ heads over the horizon. By no means the same levels of euphoria that surrounded London 2012, Sochi 2014 was still a blinder and a cracking showcase for sports that fly, mostly, under the radar. The main difference at this year’s games was the ramping up of freestyle disciplines – such as the much loved slopestyle event. The yoof now have something to celebrate (although us oldies quite enjoyed this as well).

So what have we learned from Sochi 2014?

  • Team GB are amazing at domestic chores – sweeping up being a case in point.
  • Girls rock (although the men did OK as well).
  • BBC commentators are much more interesting when going batty (despite what 300 stuffy Daily Mail readers thought).
  • Slinging tea trays down ice chutes before riding them is bonkers – but Lizzy Yarnold is ‘mezin’ at  it!
  • Olympic Village toilet doors are no match for Team GB.
  • Crossing the finish line on your ass is perfectly acceptable (see ski cross).
  • Just huck it!
  • Shaun White isn’t unbeatable and premature plane rides to New York dictate the law of sod will bite you in the ass.
  • Clare Balding isn’t as funny as she’d like to think.
  • The Beeb’s budget was tight this year (trolley cam anyone?)
  • Social media trolls really are sad individuals.
  • Judging decisions sometimes make absolutely no sense.
  • Elise Christie WILL come back stronger!
  • There ae only som many Torvill and Dean Bolero replays you can watch.
  • Slugs in nickers? ‘Nuff said Ed Leigh…
  • Watching a pack of cross country skiers battle it out with spittle hanging from their bottom lips really puts you off your sausage and egg.
  • Snowboarding should now (finally) get the funding it deserves.
  • Team GB snowboarders ARE a force to be reckoned with.
  • And finally, Jenny Jones = legend!

Unfortunately it’s now back to extended showings of Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife and other rubbish TV fare. No more waking at dawn’s crack to stones being hurled and no more banter from Rosa Khutor Extreme Park. Until next time, it’s good night Winter Olympics 2014 – you certainly delivered…

Team GB Sochi

Team GB Sochi 2014

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  1. Bruce says:

    300 Daily Wail readers? Make it plus one daily Torygraph reader!

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