Grease up ya stick – Butta eco surf wax review

When you’ve spent your whole life chasing waves there’s nothing better than the smell of a brand new slab of wax to get those juices flowing. Rubbing the nectar vigorously across your stick, in anticipation of your first ride, is a total froth fest and excitement levels are usually through the roof. Although I mainly stand up paddle these days, I’m still searching for that ‘surfing feel’ and anything that promotes those good vibes – smells or otherwise – is welcome in my book.

Butta eco waxButta eco surf wax

I favour SUPs that come in ‘nude’ form with no deck pad. This gives me more feedback and allows a better connection and understanding of how the board is riding.

Butta have been kicking around the world of board sports for a number of years but until recently had been more associated with snowboarding. They do have ‘other’ products though and I’ve been using Butta  eco-friendly cold water beeswax for SUP surfing sessions of late – here’s how it fared when pitted against the UK’s winter.

It’s still your kit

All too often riders add a board, paddle, wetty and leash to their kit box and leave it at that. And yet, any product used during stand up paddling is part of your set up. Efforts should therefore be made to search out the best kit that works for you and fits your individual criteria – wax is no different.

Most riders would think there’s little to compare with anti-slide applications. Arguably cliché; I’ve been using the tried and tested Sex Wax, so I was looking forward to trying something different with Butta’s offering.

Eco cred

Butta have taken into account their impact on the environment. At the end of the day, a synthetic substance like board wax, that incorporates harmful toxic materials, is always going to be at odds with our perceived green pastime.

Butta waxBeeswax goodness

Using naturally sourced beeswax to produce a bar of Butta should go some way in easing consciences and allow us to ‘do our bit’ for Mommy Nature.

First look

Butta’s cold water wax comes in a nifty cupcake style package – as soon as your nostrils are within striking distance, familiar wafts start lighting up your senses.

The distinctive ‘nose’ given off by board wax is like greeting an old friend. Memories of happy days spent at the beach, tearing up perfect magazine esque waves and enjoying gnarly sessions with your mates is enough to crack even the stoniest of faces.

Handling a new bar of wax is like being delivered a scrummy Cornish pasty – too good to stuff in your gob all at once but way too tasty and fulfilling not to!


Butta’s cold water wax is easy to apply and slicks onto your deck with ease. Some products have an annoying habit of ‘lumping’ up and becoming tacky – not so with a block of Butta.

You can rub it straight on your length and maximise coverage, or get all arty and create intricate patterns and layouts – although you really have too much time on your hands if you can afford to be faffing about like this. I just want to wax up, suit up and blow up!

On the water

Butta’s grip is exceptional. I tend to find that my normal wax amasses a build-up in key areas under my feet. The coverage of Butta stayed in place throughout sessions. (Arguably this will be greatly improved by adding a base coat beforehand. An initial layer of hard wax will see even better traction).

Some wax can give way, when you least expect, but not once did I slip. During key moves, such as off the tops and cutties, the Butta kept me in direct contact with my board and inspired confidence to push things further.

It’s also worth pointing out that Butta avoids sticking to neoprene and keeps your wetsuit free of tack when clambering back on board after unceremonious dunking’s. Normally I’d expect to see remnants clinging to my suit – not so with this beeswax.

Butta wax 3Slick it on ya stick

Summing up

Butta’s cold water wax is not only great for those who love riding ‘naked’ boards, it’s also green and friendly to our environment.

Great traction, less like to tack up and good coverage makes Butta a great addition to any SUP rider’s arsenal of tools. If you’ve not considered your slick carefully then you’d do a lot worse that copping a load of Butta’s eco cold water beeswax.

Thanks to Mark Clark at SHL for sorting me out with the Butta.


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