Bothering chop – Patrik Trailer Wave 85 windsurf board review

With its minimalist graphical good looks, trailer tri fin skeg configuration and stubby compact outline, the Patrik Trailer Wave 85 is guaranteed to turn heads at the beach. I’d been frothing to get a ride on this baby for a while and I recently got the chance to put it through its paces during a typical south coast blow.

Patrik Wave 85Style and good looks – Patrik wave 85

The P-Diddy of shaping

Patrik Diethelm is no stranger to the world of mowing foam and is in fact a highly skilled sailor in his own right. Leading the shaping team at F2 for many years, Patrik eventually decided to go his own way and start a windsurfing brand. With aerial mentalist Ricardo Campello now firmly in the fold, after switching from JP, who knows what heights Mr Diethlem’s shapes will achieve.

Patrik is still a small boutique windsurfing brand in the UK and more information about these shapes is needed. I reviewed the Patrik Slalom 122 last year so nabbing one of the brand’s wave shapes was a logical progression – thanks to Steve Barrow at Andy Biggs Watersports for hooking me up.

Slick looks and style

Black and white brushed carbon looks, with comfy footstraps and well engineered deck pads, gives the Wave 85 the appearance of gnarly charger – ready and waiting to be unleashed. Not so much a caged tiger but more a stealthy panther, lurking in the darkness waiting for the opportune moment.

Tri trailer fin - Patrik Wave 85Tri trailer fin configuration

The Patrik Wave 85 is very much a new school wave board shape. Compact and full nosed with squash tail and trailer tri fin set up to finish. I had ideas of how the board would feel on the water but I chose to wait and see rather than make assumptions.

Testing, testing

Conditions on the day were typical Hayling – 4.7m weather with small to medium sized waves and a punchy cross chop. I knew as I rigged the emphasis would be on jumping but I was hoping to sneak in a few turns.

By the time I hit the water, the wind was properly huffing, throwing up some fun little skate park wedges just offshore. I dropped the Patrik into the brine and immediately shot off the beach – the early planing potential was obvious.

Reaching terminal velocity, I hit the first oncoming ramp at speed which sent me into my first forward loop. The Patrik’s reduced swing weight and short length had me rotating quickly and landing comfortably – smiles all round and a good way to kick off the sesh.

I was impressed with the board’s get up and go – quick acceleration was effortless. A relatively small board, the Patrik generated speed to boost off the inside Hayling shore break with no hassle. (My local spot suffers from an annoying rip, running parallel to the shore, which can impede forward momentum if you’re not fully planing from the off. Any wave machine that combats this, allowing me to boost off inside ramps, is therefore welcome).

Onwards and upwards

Once outside I began cutting through typical south coast chop – enough to rattle the bones of even the hardiest windsurfer. Sheeting in and pushing off the back foot surprised me by how much grip the board retained. The small middle trailer fin did its job of keeping the Trailer Wave 85 in check – reducing side slip – and although it wasn’t the most efficient up wind machine, nerve was held, composure remained and I eventually arrived at my destination.

Patrik Wave 85 bottomStealth and sex appeal in equal measure – Patrik Wave 85

Small waves were rolling across the sand bar – enough for a spot of wiggling. Even though the swell was pretty gutless, the Patrik carried speed and carved tightly up to the foamy lip. (A few years ago, an 85 litre board would need to have been fully lit, but with new school ‘fish’ type designs, wave riding in even the weakest and mushiest of swells, is now extremely fulfilling). Short snappy bottom turns and little re-directs were the order of the day and I was grinning like an idiot anytime I picked up a mush burger.

Gybing the Patrik is pure joy and it cut through the Hayling crud like butter. Blasting back out towards oncoming stunt ramps was made all the more comfortable with the board’s shock absorbing capabilities – sucking up all that ‘rattle’ during runs over corrugated chop.

Tacking the Trailer Wave 85 took a bit of getting used, as its short length requires a deft technique, but practice makes perfect and I was soon dialled in.

Summing up

Patrik Diethelm’s Wave 85 certainly looks the business with its distinctive livery and minimalist graphics. Fixtures and fittings were top notch – the Plasma fins in particular were awesome (although it’s worth noting the board isn’t supplied with these as standard and are an optional extra).

I loved the board’s early planing, jumping and frothy wave riding skills – the Patrik being the perfect partner for when things get rough and choppy but less than perfect. A pretty good top end speed, while negotiating tricky south coast chop, was also most welcome. Upwind performance wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped but this was a minor detail that shouldn’t alarm.

All in all, the Patrik Trailer Wave 85 is a great example of what modern new school wave boards can achieve and how much fun they can be for anyone who lives in less than ideal wave locations (most of us then!).

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