Lightweight style and comfort – Hey Dude Shoes Farty review

After reviewing Hey Dude Shoes’ Easy Life rigger boots, it was only right to put a pair of the the brand’s flagship Farty model to the test.

DSCF7988Hey Dude Shoes Farty

The Hey Dude Shoes Farty is the brand’s flagship model. At just 150g they’re super light, durable and extremely comfortable. A chunky design, with a wide and snug anatomical insole – pigskin lined to avoid any whiffy odours and eliminate nasty bacteria, completes the look. (These can be removed and wiped down with a soapy cloth if you need to buff the insoles back to new).

Cradling your tootsies and keeping you walking on air all through the day, the Farty is adaptable to a variety of terrain and outdoor situations. I nabbed a pair of these increasingly popular foot cradles to see what all the fuss is about. (Thanks to Fred Wills and Drooth UK for the hook up).

A board rider’s choice

Whatever your board sliding vehicle of choice Hey Dude Shoes’ Farty will slot in with your scene and provide the perfect après riding slip ons to ease into at the end of your day. Cradling weather beaten feet and taking advantage of the soft and feather light feel is most welcome after a hard session of shredding. In fact, you could even use them as indoor shoes if you wish. (I’ve been unable to take mine off and currently wear them all around the house – even in bed!).

The Farty’s sit neatly with fair weather situations and they’ll no doubt make the perfect beach accessory. Whether heading for a stand up paddle board summer cruise or windsurf hour of power, the Hey Dude Shoes Farty will get you there in style.

You could even do way with your old flip flops after purchasing a pair of Hey Dude Shoes Fartys. They’re versatile enough to be splashed about in saltwater pools and scuffed up with sand, without too much stress. And let’s face it; a bit of muck just lends character to your footwear. And don’t forget, for a clean and spangly feel, you can always chuck them in the washing machine.

Uptown looks

If it’s not the beach you’re heading for, then wandering around town is made a whole lot more bearable with a pair of Hey Dude Shoes. And fear not if ‘her majesty’ fancies a spot of post-shopping eats – they can be dressed up, in a smart casual kind of way, with no troubles at all.

Hey Dude Shoes FartyComfort and style – Hey Dude Shoes Farty

Coming in a variety of different colours, the Farty is a great addition to any savvy summer lovin’, beach goin, sun worshippin’, board slidin’ happy go lucky individual’s wardrobe.

Chalet style

But what if you’re a mountain obsessed, bearded powder hound? Well, no worries. Lob them in with your other snow kit and you’ll have the perfect chalet footwear for post-piste shredding antics.

All of Hey Dude Shoes’ range is made with adaptability in mind. Their robust and versatile nature, combined with superior comfort levels, is what footwear should be about. Do your feet a favour and snag yourself a pair of these foot hammocks – you won’t be sorry.

If you want to snag yourself a pair of Hey Dude Shoes Farty kicks then head over to Kinetic Edge.


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