(SUP) size is everything!

As you move up through the ranks and start looking for more performance, the SUP gear size question will no doubt raise its head..

What size SUP should I be looking at? What size fins and what size paddle should I be rocking?’

You can read the rest of this article over on K4 Fins.

K3 Designs reviewSize matters

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2 Responses to (SUP) size is everything!

  1. Hi Tez, I have a Starboard 10’5″ and often wonder which, if any board I should move on to. I suppose it’s about realising which facets of SUP appeal the most, and tailoring the board from there.

  2. Hi Ben,

    As you say, it depends what you’re looking to get out of your paddling. If it’s waves then you could get away with one board. I’m not sure of your stats but something around 9ft is a good start. You’d then need to choose the relevant volume and appropriate width.

    If you’re dropping down size then + 10/20 litres on your weight in kg is where to begin. In time you could aim to get on a board with negative volume.

    That’s not to say that volume alone gives stability. Overall width, tail width, rocker and plan shape all play their part. And this is just in relation to surf SUPs. If you’re looking at racing or touring boards then this is a whole other world.

    I favour boards of sub 8.5ft with 100 – 110L of volume with 29″ width or less. I go smaller in smaller waves and bigger for bigger waves. Bigger SUPs give more glide and get me in earlier while smaller boards in smaller waves are whippier and faster for moves.

    If you can, try as many demo boards as you can. This will give you a better picture of what you’re searching for. Your local retailer will have a fleet of demo sticks you can try. If not, hit up one of the events this summer as there’ll be plenty of toys to play with. (You’re B’mouth wy aren’t you? In which case tap up the guys at BaySUP – they’re always happy to get involved).

    Hope that helps?



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