Grenada (W.I.) – Surf/SUP Surf Spots

The Spice Isle (Grenada, Caribbean) is so under the radar when it comes to watersports – and yet, the potential is glaringly obvious. Any adventurous surfer/SUPer would be well served by a visit to this corner of the West Indies. Point breaks, downwind wind coastal runs and sheltered exploratory spots are all on offer, with much still untapped and waiting for discovery.

Be prepared to search, get skunked, score, enjoy a wonderfully vibrant culture, tantalise your taste buds with some delicious local food, destroy a few more brain cells with rocket fuel Grenadian rum and make lot of new friends. A trip to the Spice Isle is a cracking way to spend a few weeks, even if you don’t surf or stand up paddle.

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Grand Anse BayThe beauty of Grenada – and yes, the island does get waves!

When surfers mention the waves and surfing beaches of the Caribbean chatter generally favours the more well known islands of Barbados, Puerto Rico and the BVI’s.

And yet it stands to reason that the whole of this island chain receives its fair share of waves – after all, every island has coastlines that are open to swells no matter how short lived these waves may be.

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