Hey Dude Shoes Vigo Easy Life rigger boots review

When I first came across Hey Dude Shoes I was browsing my local windsurfing emporium and spotted a pair of bottle green kicks that looked a bit different to the rest. I thought it refreshing to find something alternative to the usual skate inspired trainers we’re accustomed to and duly took note.

Vigo 1Hey Dude Shoes Vigo Easy Life rigger boots

Hey Dude Shoes have now literally exploded across the south coast, thanks to the tenacity and hard work of Fred Willis and the Drooth team. In fact, Hey Dude Shoes have quickly established themselves as THE footwear brand for board sliders and beach fashionistas everywhere.

Hey Dude Shoes have diversified their UK range, proving that they’re not just a ‘blanket coverage brand’. Putting this time and effort into each of their market territories demonstrates understanding, commitment and a dedication to all their customers’ wants and needs.

Many footwear brands tend to stick with a winning concept, but Hey Dude Shoes have chosen a different path. They’ve taken into account regional and environmental nuances and how this affects footwear choices. Let’s face it, not all of us are lucky enough to reside in a tropical corner of the world and therefore require more ‘foot wrap’ during the off season.

Vigo Easy Life rigger bootsWarmth guaranteed

Baking hot summers dictate the need for comfy footwear, resilient to the stresses of visits to the beach. Stylish looks and inbuilt practicality will only make your kicks better. Hey Dude Shoes accomplish this with their flagship Farty model – stay tuned for a review of these in the near future.

As a seasonally driven location your favourite foot hammocks might not cut it during the UK’s autumn, winter and spring – wet weather, frost and snow can last for months on end. Many of us also partake in a spot of winter board sliding activities; jetting off to mountain snow necessitates appropriate shoeage needs to be worn.

Hey Dude Shoes’ Vigo Easy Life rigger boot is therefore an essential bit of kit for anyone loving and living the outdoors. The mix of leather, suede and faux fur ensures the Vigo is a great boot for tramping along shingle or sand, kicking up white stuff or bar lounging with a beverage or three.

Stylish to dress up while remaining practical for the elements; I was pleasantly surprised at how warm the boots are while retaining the kind of chic you’d part with a lot more dollar for. My feet would often be toasting up like bread under a grill. Normally you’d find nippier air temperatures penetrating the material of lesser shoes; with the Vigo’s my feet stayed snug whatever the weather. The price point of Hey Dude Shoes’ Vigo Easy Life boot is extremely competitive compared to similar models.

Hey Dude Shoes Vigo bootsSuperior comfort

Men’s casual boots can sometimes be heavy and clunky – not so with these. One of Hey Dude Shoes’ unique selling points is the lightweight nature of all their offerings – the Vigo is no exception. Boasting a feather like 390g, floating on air is par for the course with these fur lined boots and your tootsies will thank you no end.

The urban trek sole is pretty good for most casual situations. By no means a technical hillwalking boot, they’re still adept at coping with uneven terrain and relatively hardcore outdoor environments. Wide in design, this trait is synonymous across the whole Hey Dude Shoes range, and only serves to heighten comfort levels further.

If you’re looking for a cosy pair fur lined men’s boots this winter you’d do a lot worse than getting yourself hold of a couple of these beauts. Get on board the Hey Dude Shoes wagon and experience a whole new level of foot love.

You’ll find more details about the Hey Dude Shoes Vigo Easy Life rigger boot by visiting Kinetic Edge or Hey Dude Shoes.

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