Windsurfing in Fuerteventura

The UK is currently being buffeted by some seriously strong winds. If this is amping you for getting involved and learning to windsurf, but you don’t fancy braving winter conditions (and let’s be honest – who can blame you), then you might consider heading overseas for a Fuerteventura windsurfing fix.

Fuerteventura, part on the Canary Islands archipelago, has a rich  windsurfing heritage. Many UK windsurfers make the pilgrimage to ‘the rock’ each year to get a dose of down season sun and breeze, so why not join them?

If you’re just starting out on your windsurfing journey then you’d do a lot worse then heading for some Canary Islands windsurfing action, good times, sunshine and Sangria. Further Fuerteventura windsurfing inspiration can be found on the Planet blog.

fuerteventura-windsurfing-schoolsLearning to windsurf in Fuerteventura

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