The dawn patrol

Waking at first light, or sometimes before, to score a session before work or school is a right of passage for anyone into shredding waves. The UK’s surf breaks are dictated to by tides, as much as swell and wind, with conditions ever changing, sometimes by the hour. When a good forecast pops into view, and lines up for a session, you’ve got to be on it. If you want to score, hitting the surf as the sun raises its head above the horizon could be your only window of opportunity – the dawn patrol.

If you’ve yet to ‘do a dawnie’, or even if you’re a regular insomniac, one of my latest blog posts – the dawn patrol – may resonate or provide insight into what you can expect – particularly during the colder months.

Cornish dawnOn it from the early – the dawn patrol

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    Summer’s here and dawnies are MUCH easier than in the off season. Whatever the time of year though it’s always worth getting up and on it if conditions are firing.

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