Easy steezy – Neff Swayze beanie review

Let’s face it; if you want to your look to be authentic then choosing your snowboard, surf or skate wardrobe carefully is key to pulling off ‘the steez’. If you’re a ‘real’ ripper or shredder then this will come naturally – you’ll already have your swag. Living the lifestyle; wearing the right gear in your day to day will ensure you know what’s hot and what’s not. Those not blessed with ‘skillz to pay da billz’ have to rely on steerage in the right direction – as shallow as this may sound.

Whether you’re a water baby, powder monkey ior concrete jungle ripper; being on point when it comes to head wear this winter season is an obvious way to slap your ‘cooler than you’ credentials in your mates’ faces. Beanies will keep your bonce toasty during pre and après surf time, styling a sick backcountry POW line or just chilling at your local with a pint ‘o’ the good stuff.

Neff Swayze beanieDouble vision – Neff Swayze beanie, perfect for snowboarding, surfing or skate

Neff (not to be confused with the high end kitchen appliance company of the same name) is a brand that’s been around since 2012. Launched by brothers Shaun and Joe Neff; the brand was touted – and still is – as a core skate, surf and snow headwear company that supports some of the biggest action sports athletes in the world – their ‘keepin’ it real’ credentials speak loud and proud. Collaborations with Deadmau5 and Snoop Dogg cement further their reputation as on point action sports and lifestyle crew.

In 2013 Neff have branched out and now include an apparel/fashion line and media arm. With an extensive catalogue of outerwear, tees, watches and sunnies the company have grown substantially in the last few years – although headwear still remains at the heart of the brand’s output.

I recently got hold of two Neff’s Swayze beanies to stick on my bonce and check out. Bold colours and the name Neff create talking points – grass roots endorsements abound as your peers nod in admiration.

All Neff gear is well made and the Swayze beanie is no different. Lightweight, soft to the touch, 100% Acrylic fold material; they keep the heat switched up, look the business and are super comfy. In fact, I’ve worn both beanies everywhere since getting my grubby mitts on them – at the beach, in the office and during gigs with my band After2AM – they’ve literally been glued to my swede 24/7.

If you’re looking for a sick surf/snowsports brand to rock this winter then a Neff beanie will go a long way to securing your ‘down wiv it’ credentials. If you’re not interested in image then you’ll find Neff gear practical for side sliding activities – be that the saltwater, white stuff or the concrete kind.

Check out their website for more – neffheadwear.com



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