Essential kit for windsurfing trips

It’s getting nippier here in the UK of A and Jacky Frost is just a few weeks away – I can see him preparing his tools as I gaze out of the window, bbbrrrr…

This is the time of year when many windsurfers who populate less than tropical climes consider jumping on a plane and dashing for the sun and a warmer blow. But in a mad rush to get out of the door and get those boardies back on, many windsurfing travel essentials are often overlooked and forgotten. This leads to much head slapping and ‘if onlys’ once on the ground of your chosen windsurfing holiday destination.

A recent article I scribbled highlights some of those necessary bits of kit you’ll need for your winter windsurfing getaway. Check it out, make a list and get gone.

Tez Maui gybeParadise is easy once you have those windsurfing travel essentials sorted – Fi

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