Luxury windsurfing holidays

Many windsurfers these days don’t just want an awesome place to sail with reliable wind and/or waves. A large proportion of windy types are plumping for the higher end luxury section of the windsurfing holiday market – and can you blame them?

A holiday is just that; a time to relax, be pampered, unwind, sip a cocktail or two and indulge in your favourite pastime – not everyone wants to slum it. So check out my luxury windsurfing holidays article for reasons to indulge in this kind of windsurfing trip.

Fi - Maui gybeFi fanging it round in Maui during our luxury windsurfing trip (honeymoon) – Tez

About Tez Plavenieks

Content creator - SEO - social media. Windsurf - SUP - snowboard - surf - kayak - drums - art
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