Dahab windsurfing

Winter’s coming and now’s the time that many start to ponder which windsurfing destination to head for in a bid to escape Jack Frost’s icy grip.

Although the political strife of the region has been widely reported, Dahab, Egypt, is still a good (and now quiet) choice of location for a windsurfing trip. Miles away from all the trouble in Cairo, windsurfing in Dahab offers sailors perfect flat water, consistent breeze (even in winter), a cheap as chips lifestyle once on the ground and the locals are super friendly.

If you’ve never been to the Land of the Pharaohs then check out my bite size guide to windsurfing in Dahab on the Planet Windsurf blog.

pic Jules Toms PhotographyDahab, Egypt – still a good choice for windsurfing hols – pic Jules Toms Photography


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