Windsurfing for girls – time to step up

There’s never been a better time to learn how to windsurf – especially for all you females out there. If you’re looking for some inspiration and have yet to take the plunge then scoot over to Girly windsurfing on the Planet Windsurf blog  for some positive encouragement.

Windsurfing for girls – now’s the time. You know you want to!

Full power FiWarm water, quality kit and better teaching methods – time to get on board girls! -Fi


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Content creator - SEO - social media. Windsurf - SUP - snowboard - surf - kayak - drums - art
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2 Responses to Windsurfing for girls – time to step up

  1. Amy Chambers says:

    Diva Week on the 2nd of September at Club Vass, what a good place to start!!

  2. There ya go! As Amy says, as good a place to start as any…

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