Stoked on windsurfing and SUP?

If you’re stoked on windsurfing or froth over stand up paddle boarding, and have missed some of my past mutterings, then check out Exploco. There’s a whole raft of my scribbles all there in one place.

For those not aware, Exploco is your one stop shop for everything that’s buzzing within the world of action sports. The site features news, gear reviews, travel stories and bucket lists – all designed to help you stay in the loop with everything sea, land and air.

You can check out my Exploco archives by visiting and while you’re there have a nose round at some of the other awesome shizzle that.

TezStoked on windsurfing? Check out – pic courtesy Julia Toms Photography

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Content creator - SEO - social media. Windsurf - SUP - snowboard - surf - kayak - drums - art
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