Hot 2014 windsurfing kit (so far)

It’s that time of year when windsurfing brands start unveiling their brand spanking new toys. There’s much more to come but here’s a brief rundown of some of the latest bling that’s made it onto the windsurfing 2014 catwalk so far.

2014’s windsurfing fashion show is shaping up to be the best yet…

Quatro20145Levi Siver and the Quatro Thruster Pyramid 2014 – pic courtesy Quatro

Quatro Thruster Sphere, Pyramid and Cube 2014

Quatro’s Thruster Sphere is part of the brand’s range of multi fin wave boards and is the weapon of choice for Ho’okipa ripper Levi Siver. Designed to enhance drive off the bottom and project speed up into the top section of the wave – off the lip moves are now more more dynamic and powerful than ever, without the loss of grip through turns.

2014_Quatro_Thruster_SphereQuatro Thruster Sphere – pic courtesy Quatro

Sending it in all types of conditions is now even easier with Quatro’s line of 2014 windsurfing boards – bold sexy graphics completes the Quatro 2014 look.

Goya Carrera 2014

With Goya’s wave slaying pedigree buried deep in the windsurfing psyche it’s encouraging to see the brand pushing their own boundaries and diversifying their range with the inclusion of the Carrera freeride stick in their 2014 range.


Goya Carrera and Carrera W 2014 – pic courtesy Goya

Coming in three sizes (for now), the Goya Carrera 116, 130 and 144 are top shelf pieces of kit that will deliver hours of burn and turn windsurfing fun.

JP Magic Ride 2014

The concept of short, wide and super thin boards continues with JP releasing their all new Magic Ride stick. Aiming for early planing, superb top speeds and electrifying gybing performance the JP Magic Ride is billed as unrivalled in its class by the brand.

Werner Gnigler, JP head designer, says the JP Magic Ride delivers performance that’s usually only found in smaller windsurfing boards – good news for all sailors.

Simmer 2014

Simmer are also making waves after announcing details of their 2014 windsurfing range. Featuring a full line up of windsurf sails and boards the brand has spent a considerable amount of time over the winter refining and tweaking and have come up with some pretty sick looking bits of kit.

2014 Blacktip from Simmer Style on Vimeo.

The Simmer Frugal looks particular interesting. Capitalising on the compact mush burger wave sailing concepts that have been adopted by other brands such as Starboard (think Black Box) the Simmer Frugal will turn real world wave sailing days into rock star super sessions.

Simmer Frugal

Simmer Frugal 2014  – pic courtesy Simmer

Sails wise; Simmer’s four batten Blacktip is looking pretty sweet and as the multi fin wave board concept continues to gain popularity it’s the Simmer Balcktip 2014 that’s the perfect machine to send your stick into steep hollow sections; spray flying, faces ripped apart and contorted airs punted.


Simmer Blacktip 2014 – pic courtesy Simmer Style

Flywave from Simmer Style on Vimeo.

There are of course plenty of other shots and videos of 2014 windsurfing kit floating around the web but as of yet, official unveiling announcements have been minimal. Stay tuned though as it’s only a matter of time before even more luscious 2014 windsurfing kit gets flung our way.

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