Hayling is like Hawaii

‘Hayling is like Hawaii’ is the slogan that used to adorn bumpers and rear windows of windsurf mobiles back in the day. Throughout the 80s Hayling Island was recognised as being one of the best UK destinations to go for a blast, challenge yourself in the waves or potter about on tranquil summer days.

Hayling still offers all of the above but has now become a ‘go to’ destination for other disciplines of watersport.

TopKayaker recently got me to write a little summary of what makes this small south coast, UK, island so attractive to those of us with salt encrusted eyebrows and sand behind the ears.

Hayling is like HawaiiHayling is like Hawaii? – pic Tez


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2 Responses to Hayling is like Hawaii

  1. Where are the girls in grass skirts Tez?

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