Becoming a watersports instructor

When I set off on my seasonaire journey I never would have guessed how the years spent working overseas, teaching the sports I love, would have molded me.

Working as a coach/instructor gave me so many different skills – and not just job related. Even to this day, the experience of being a Neilson instructor keeps on rewarding.

I’ve been out of the coaching game for a while now (well officially). I still teach people from time to time but these days focus on writing, producing content and generating features and articles related to watersports. (If you hadn’t already got that from looking at my blog then maybe I’m not being obvious enough!)

It was with some surprise then that I was asked to do an interview based on my time as an instructor with Neilson. Of course, I agreed readily, as I did the job for a number of years and can hopefully pass on some inspiration and stoke to get others involved – you won’t regret it if you do!

Hayley Stovold has done a sterling job writing the article which you can find on CV Surgeon. If this gives anyone out there a friendly push in the right direction then job done as far as I’m concerned.

pic Jules Toms Photographypic courtesy Julia Toms Photography


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