Surf zone etiquette

Summer seems to be finally here (in the southern part of the UK at least).

With winter’s hardcore surfing crew left trailing in the ‘off season’ wake, (spring) and summer will see masses of watercraft, and their pilots, descend on coastal wave spots. Ultimately this makes for more congested surf breaks, a higher potential for ‘accidents’ and tempers are more likely to flare.

Much has been debated over the years regarding correct surfing etiquette. Kayakers and SUPers are the riders who get the most flak – and it’s not hard to see why.

Due to their easier wave catching nature paddlers with little knowledge are often seen out in the surf trying to snag a few rides; nothing wrong with this, everybody has to learn. However, if you’re thinking of heading into the waves then a little time should be spent understanding the rules of the road.

If you want to enjoy your wave sliding sessions, without incident, then check out my Surf Etiquette – Navigating the Surf Zone piece over on the site.

Although this has been published on a kayaking website, the advice is applicable to all ‘surfers’, regardless of craft.

Happy riding!

KimmeridgeNot all surf spots are as uncrowded as this – pic Tez


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