Summer windsurfing in Maui

For those windsurfer’s contemplating a trip to Maui for the first time then maybe heading to the Mecca in the off season (summer) is the way forward?

Summer in Maui (June, July and August) serves up consistent side shore breeze, mellow waves, less crowds, bags of Aloha and could be the perfect time of year to get to grips with the Valley Isle.

If you’re a Maui virgin looking to pop your cherry then here’s some inspiration that may persuade you to finally take the plunge

Mellow Maui - FiMellow Maui – summer on the Valley Isle

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3 Responses to Summer windsurfing in Maui

  1. woah,.. it would be fun…

  2. kirisyko says:

    Reblogged this on Sykose.

  3. Nice pic! Not sure how April will be yet this year. : )

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