When you’re about to jet off to far flung lands, anticipation and excitement levels are usually through the roof – nerves jangle and giggly banter echoes around your confined car space as you navigate to the airport.

Sleep comes and goes as you endure the slightly irritating plane journey – confined to a cramped space where there isn’t enough room to swing a cat, forcing a pile of steaming ‘something’ down your throat and being constantly kicked in the back of your chair by a restless 4 year old is all part of the journey process.

Soon enough though all the upheaval of travelling is forgotten as you emerge from the arrivals hall and the real fun begins.

Home is where the heart is

Yet the old cliché still rings true – there’s still no place quite like home. And home by the sea is particularly special – even more so at this time of year.

Summer has given way to autumn and winter is just a short icy breath away. Tourists and holiday makers have vacated for the season and the once buzzing beach has been left to dog walkers, ramblers and year round water sports enthusiasts.

Autumn mornings

Early morning hues that colour the dawn sky with their shades of pastel lilacs, pinks and peaceful blues are what living by the coast is all about.

The hazy sky reflecting off calm water, sea birds diving for their dawn fish feed and marine traffic humming on the early morning stillness – mornings such as these are a great way to start the day.

Autumn dawnAutumn dawn

Dawn patrol

Standing on the shore, poised and ready to launch my SUP (standup paddle board) into the oily calm sea, the overwhelming sense of tranquillity is tangible.

Gliding across the briny with just the sound of the board’s bow wave falling away behind me, I consider myself lucky to live in a place such as this.

After 10 minutes of gentile paddling I stop and turn back to face the land.

Taking in the view which is illuminated by the early morning sun, I listen to the quiet – a mile or so out to sea, the gentle rocking motion of my SUP is almost sleep inducing.

My thoughts drift back to the prospect of my imminent trip and an excitement rises deep within me.

As much as it will be fantastic to jet off to this far flung land, and as sad as it will be to leave at the end of the trip, arriving back home to familiar surroundings and recognisable faces will also be great.

After all, isn’t that what travelling is all about?

Making you appreciate what you do have, not what you don’t…

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Content creator - SEO - social media. Windsurf - SUP - snowboard - surf - kayak - drums - art
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