(No) Bank Holiday blues

Bank Holiday windsurfing action

August Bank Holiday in the UK is usually one of the busiest periods of summer for tourists – this can sometimes be the last chance of escaping for a few days before the weather changes and autumn rears it’s head.

Mom and dad pack the car to the roof with all manner of bits and pieces including the dog, kids, grand parents, extra duvets, pillows, deck chairs, food, drinks and any other random item that happens to be found near the door as they rush out of the house in a vain attempt at beating the Friday evening rush hour traffic.

It’s then a full tilt mad dash towards a coastal venue of choice to mingle in the sun (hopefully), frolic on the beach, bicker with each other, turn lobster pink from too much time in the sun and develop indigestion after eating way too many portions of fish and chips.

Returning back to normal life come Tuesday morning – the whole weekend has usually whizzed by in a blur.

Wind and swell

If you happen to be surfer, windsurfer or kitesurfer at this time of year then you can usually bet your bottom dollar that there will be no wind and no surf with the hordes packing out your usual beach, too much traffic on the roads, an astronomical hike in beer prices at your local watering hole and frustration at the checkout as mom tries desperately to stop her offspring squabbling over which dessert it’s going to be.

It’s therefore refreshing to note that as we draw to the end of August Bank Holiday 2012 the whole period hasn’t quite been as expected for water babies.

Firstly there HAS been wind and secondly there HAS been swell which has meant that the wife and I have been on the water everyday since Friday! Granted it hasn’t been the sunniest, but then this is the Great British Summer after all.

Bank Holidays are just made for us sea going types. When you practice sports that require time on the water then not having to trek to the office for a few days is welcome news.

On the lead up to Bank Holidays we anticipate the donning of rubber, the sorting of our equipment, the thought of tired limbs at the end of our session and the obligatory banter in the car park with all the other like minded individuals.

It’s refreshing then to note that 2012 has indeed delivered!

A satisfactory outcome

Guaranteeing conditions though is the painful bit as the weather doesn’t always play ball.

When the elements do conspire to deliver a sustained period of classic weather for indulging in your water sport of choice then it feels like Christmas has come early and heading back to the weekly grind doesn’t seem such a terrible prospect.

If only we could order this up every year, with maybe a tad more sunshine (picky I know), then  I think there would be even more smiley faces among the windy/surfy brigade seen on the beaches of our green and pleasant land.

For now though, work is calling and Tuesday’s dawn is only a short time away – but fear not as we’ve only got four days this week before it’s the weekend again!

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