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Tez Plavenieks:

Lanzarote isn’t just great for those yearning after big wave action – it’s actually pretty good for an all round family stand up paddle boarding holiday. Here’s the story from our trip we took earlier in the year.

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Words and pics: Tez Plavenieks

2002 was the last time I set foot on the volcanic island of Lanzarote. As the plane hurtled towards the Arrecife airport runway I remember gazing down through a cloudless sky and spotting the island’s reefs, points and offshore bombies all pulsing with juice.

SUP Lanzarote

At the time I didn’t realise that being able to see defined lines of swell from that height meant Lanza was pumping. It was only when my travelling/surfing buddy and I dropped down the steady incline towards Famara beach, having picked up our hire car, that we realised just how big it was.

For the majority of our stay the status quo remained and we spent our days seeking shelter and waves that wouldn’t wallop us! My return visit was extremely different. With our seven month daughter Molly in tow and grandparents, we were searching for a family holiday with a…

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Sprint finish – Starboard Sprint Unlimited 17.5ft review

Tez Plavenieks:

If you want to be the fastest paddler on Earth then you need one of these bad boys – Starboard’s Sprint Unlimited 17.5ft SUPs. Check out my write up on SUP Mag UK.

Originally posted on SUP Mag UK:

Starboard describe the Sprint 17.5ft x 23” as: ‘the fastest stand up paddle board in the world ever’ – some statement! While we had no scientific way to verify this we certainly agree it’s a superb gliding machine and feels super quick when in full flight – IF you can stabilise and maintain forward thrust.

Starboard Sprint Unlimited SUP Mag UKStarboard Srpint Unlimited 17.5ft SUP Mag UK

With stated dims (L – 17.5ft, W – 23”, Tail W – 14.3”, V – 217L) you’re already under no illusion that it will take effort and concentration to drive this beast – even before stepping aboard. Then you spot the javelin-like shape, with almost no width in the tail or nose – two areas of a board that can help with stability even with narrow measurements involved. That said we still witnessed a paddler with no prior race board experience step aboard and take off unhindered. And to boot the chap in question…

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Web exclusive: Fathoms deep – Blu Wave Fathom 12.6ft tourer review

Tez Plavenieks:

Check out my review of Blu Wave SUP’s Fathom 12.6ft Tourer on SUP Mag UK.

Originally posted on SUP Mag UK:

Blu Wave SUP UK recently took delivery of their new 12.6ft Fathom touring board. Pitched as a lively all rounder we were keen to hop on for a spin and got the opportunity during a recent breezy/mushy swell period.

Brand manager Nick Hepworth was keen to point out the construction methods used in the Fathom so we duly took note. Featuring an extensive array of carbon material, mixed with wood sandwich, it’s a lightweight stick that’s easy to transport. The full cockpit deck pad is a nice addition for those with ‘office’ feet, although we couldn’t help but wonder how much further weight could be reduced by swapping this for thinner material. That said, there’s no hassle getting the Blu Wave Fathom to the put in and we were frothing for a session.

During testing we had flat water, moderate chop and an abundance of mush burgers – all chucked…

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KAT Percussion KT3 reggae drum jam

I’ve had my KAT Percussion KT3 e-drumkit a few months now and have to say I’m super stoked with it. I’m pretty aux fait with what it can do (and what it can’t – although there isn’t much that I’d need) and I love the fact you have access to so many drum sounds and kits – versatility you simply don’t get with a single acoustic set up.

Although the KAT Percussion KT3 isn’t a new product (the brand are about to launch their KT4 imminently) I’m still going to be penning a review to hopefully highlight the benefits of this awesome bit of equipment. In the meantime here’s a little reggae drum jam – in the vid I’m playing along to one of the on board tracks stored in the KT3’s modular brain. Check it out…

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Flared up – Starboard Flare 101 review

For those in the know Vassiliki in Greece, while windy during the summer months, can be a little inconsistent in terms of how steady the breeze is. It’s easy to fall into the trap of going slightly bigger with your windsurfing kit to compensate. If you’re on the lighter side of the weight spectrum, happy to bog about and wait for the gusts or an instructor then maybe this isn’t an issue. When you want/need to maximise your water time, however, it’s a different ball game. Fast forward to the first session of our Vass trip and my immediate choice of sled was the biggest Flare in Starboard’s freestyle range, the 111.

With it’s high level of finishing and distinct electric green to carbon fade Starboard’s attention to detail shines through as always. Footstraps and pads appear top spec and adjustments are fairly easy and swift.

Starboard Flare 101 2015

As with all Starboard windsurf boards fitting the mast foot and UJ are extremely obvious with bold markings pinpointing optimised positioning – advanced sailors may still choose to experiment here though. A Taty Frans signature 20cm G10 fin sits in the back, which is milled to perfection.

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Windsurf, SUP, snowboard, skate, surfing and kayaking galleries

Over the last few years both my wife and I have had some fabulous experiences on the water, in the snow and sometimes on land. During the last few years we’ve managed to accumulate some OK pics, which I’ve curated below. Check ’em out…

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UK river surfing – mellow white water SUP

Tez Plavenieks:

Popped my river SUP cherry recently. You can see a short vid of the sesh here. Stay tuned for article coming in next issue of SUP Mag UK

Originally posted on SUP Mag UK:

SUP Mag UK ventured off to deepest darkest Oxfordshire this weekend and hooked up with Dave Adams, Stephen Hale and his grom son Will. These two have been quietly pioneering river SUP in the UK and Will is almost certainly a star paddler of the future. We wanted to check out what UK river SUP is all about for ourselves.

At the same time the trip gave us an opportunity to see how the Pendleboard 9.6ft performed an environment the designers didn’t specifically have in mind.

Stay tuned for the accompanying river SUP article and Pendleboard review appearing in the next issue of SUP Mag UK.

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