Stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing and kayaking kit reviews

Part of what I do involves testing gear, equipment and accessories within stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing and kayaking. Over the last few years I’ve had the privilege of trying out a whole raft of different kit. Here are links to gear reviews I’ve had published to date – stay tuned for more…


Tez Plavenieks gybing Starboard's Black Box 87Checking out Starboard’s Black Box 87L

Goya Eclipse 5.3m - AHD Summerboard - Patrik Trailer Wave 85 - K4 Fins Rockets 16.6cm fins – K4 Fins Stubby 14cm fins - K4 Fins Bubble 18cm fin - K4 Fins Bubble 20cm fin - Patrik Slalom 122 - Starboard Black Box 87 - Point 7 ACX 3G 7m  - Hot Sails Maui Superfreak 5.8m - AHD Sealion 8.3ft - Genie GT-31 GPS

Stand up paddle boarding

Paddling in paradise - Fi Plavenieks stand up paddle boarding in GrenadaFi testing Red Paddle Co’s 9.6ft AllWater in Grenada

Fanatic Air 2013 12f- Fanatic Fly 10.6ft and Fanatic AllWave 9.2ft 2013 comparison - Red Paddle Co AllWater 9.6ft - SickStick SUP paddles - Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun 8.7ft - K4 Fins Trailer Wave (Shark) thruster fins - Loco 12.6ft comparison - Loco 7.10ft surf SUP (first generation) - K3 Designs paddles – Nah Skwell Nahskool 10.5ft - BIC Wing 12.6ft Ace-Tec - Exocet Marlin 12.6ft - Fanatic Falcon 14ft HRS 2015 - Fatstick 12ft Bamboo Tourer - Fatstick Red Rocket 12.6ft – Fatstick Red Ripper 10.6ft - Loco 7.4ft surf SUP - Loco 12.6ft tourer - Nah Skwell Fit 11ft - Nah Skwell Maxi G 7.3ft and 10ft Longboard comparison - Nah Skwell Surf Series 9.2ft - RRD iWave 8ft - RRD 12ft tourer and Vario paddle - SickStick 9.6ft - Starboard Waterman Package - BIC 10ft Air - Corran Thunder 12.6ft - Exocet 9.8ft Discovery - O’Shea 10.2ft - Red Paddle Co Explorer 12.6ft - Ainsworth carbon/glass paddle - Ainsworth carbon paddle - Kialoa Pupu adjustable paddle - SickStick Joystick paddle


Tez Plavenieks testing FatYak's Kaafu sit on top kayakTez putting FatYak’s Kaafu through its paces

Ainsworth SEA paddle - Perception Scooter Gemini tandem kayak - Perception Scooter - Perception Five-0 surf ski - GoSea Extreme KTB-80 cradle trolley - FatYak Kaafu sit on top kayak -


Tez Plavenieks Mourne Rouge, Grenada, stand up paddle boardingHow well do these sunnies work? Thumbs up Tez says!

SJ4000 action cam – Butta eco surf wax – Hey Dude Shoes Farty – Hey Dude Shoes Vigo Easy Life rigger boots – Neff Swayze beanie – O’Shea Stealth 5/4/3 winter suit – Mormaii Flexxxa 2.2mm summer suit – Mormaii 5/4/3 winter suit – Submariner iPhone waterproof case – Dang sunnies – Dirty Dog Eyewear – Flymount GoPro mount – Leashlok Hawaii coiled leash – Leashlok waist leash – Nectar sunnies – Palm Equipment Kaituna rash vest – Palm Equipment Vantage jacket – Passenger Clothing – Planet Ocean accessories – Procella Clothing – RailSaver Pro tape – Restube flotation device – VestPac hydration pack – Palm Equipment Cascade and Spark drysuit comparison – Ianovated winter wetsuit – Oxygen Drop Clothing – Sunwise sunnies – GoPro HERO 3

Fifi carving in MauiFi investigating Hot Sails Maui torque

If anyone has any related products they would like me to try out then please get in contact. They will then be published in one of the many publications I either write for edit.

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Neptune SUP 10ft Allrounder and CONTOUR ROAM 3 test vid

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SJ400 action camera windsurf test

Got the chance to test the SJ400 budget action cam this morning in some full power windsurfing conditions. Combined with the K4 Fins harness mount it proved to be a sweet combo for capturing unique angle windsurfing shots.

Full review coming in SUP Mag UK. Thanks to Fatsick SUP for the demo SJ400 action camera and K4 Fins for the mounting system.

Tez Plavenieks windsurf testing teh SJ400 action cam 1

Tez PLavenieks windsurfing testing teh SJ400 action cam 2

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Paddle to Protect

Here’s my article featuring the guys from Conservation Kayak and their efforts to raise environmental awareness in the Caribbean by paddling the circumference of Grenada. Check it out in the latest issue of The Paddler – out now.

Paddle to Protect Tez Plavenieks

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Crantock Bay SUP mini guide

Crantock Bay nestles in the shadow of it’s bigger Newquay brother, located just across the River Gannel. And yet you couldn’t find a more contrasting spot. For all the perceived raucous goings on in Surf City UK, Crantock is a much mellower affair and far more welcoming of SUP.

Check out my Crantock mini guide published in issue two of SUP Mag UK.

Low tide Crantock SUP Tez PlavenieksTez off the top at Crantock Bay, Cornwall

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SUP Mag UK 2014 – get ‘em all!

If you haven’t yet seen SUP Mag UK then where’ve you been? It’s been a superb year with lots of support and good vibes surrounding what Pete, Anne and I have been doing. Providing a voice and platform for UK SUP is something I’ve been striving for during the past few years – and I think we nailed it!

You can see the current low res free version of SUP Mag UK by hitting up the link. You’ll also find free low res back issues to have a nose through. Stay tuned in 2015 as we’ll have four issues – which is awesome.

Read all three SUP Mag UK issues here

SUP Mag UK issue collageSUP Mag UK – get ‘em all!

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Fatstick Bamboo Tourer 12ft – SUP Mag UK review

Tez Plavenieks:

Check out my write up of Fatstick’s 12ft Bamboo Tourer in Sept’s issue of SUP Mag UK.

Originally posted on Fatstick SUP:

We’re super stoked with the latest SUP Mag UK review of our 12ft Bamboo Tourer. You can read the full write up in September’s issue – SUP Mag UK Sept.

Fatstick12ft Bamboo Tourer reviewSUP Mag UK 12ft Bamboo Tourer review

View original

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