Crantock Bay SUP mini guide

Crantock Bay nestles in the shadow of it’s bigger Newquay brother, located just across the River Gannel. And yet you couldn’t find a more contrasting spot. For all the perceived raucous goings on in Surf City UK, Crantock is a much mellower affair and far more welcoming of SUP.

Check out my Crantock mini guide published in issue two of SUP Mag UK.

Low tide Crantock SUP Tez PlavenieksTez off the top at Crantock Bay, Cornwall

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SUP Mag UK 2014 – get ‘em all!

If you haven’t yet seen SUP Mag UK then where’ve you been? It’s been a superb year with lots of support and good vibes surrounding what Pete, Anne and I have been doing. Providing a voice and platform for UK SUP is something I’ve been striving for during the past few years – and I think we nailed it!

You can see the current low res free version of SUP Mag UK by hitting up the link. You’ll also find free low res back issues to have a nose through. Stay tuned in 2015 as we’ll have four issues – which is awesome.

Read all three SUP Mag UK issues here

SUP Mag UK issue collageSUP Mag UK – get ‘em all!

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Fatstick Bamboo Tourer 12ft – SUP Mag UK review

Tez Plavenieks:

Check out my write up of Fatstick’s 12ft Bamboo Tourer in Sept’s issue of SUP Mag UK.

Originally posted on Fatstick SUP:

We’re super stoked with the latest SUP Mag UK review of our 12ft Bamboo Tourer. You can read the full write up in September’s issue – SUP Mag UK Sept.

Fatstick12ft Bamboo Tourer reviewSUP Mag UK 12ft Bamboo Tourer review

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Getting sponsored – parts 1, 2 and 3

Tez Plavenieks:

One of the most popular posts on my blog still continues to prick the interest. If you’re thinking of trying to get sponsored then check this out…

Originally posted on Tez Plavenieks:

A few months ago I wrote a three part series focusing on extreme sports sponsorship, what it means to be supported, what endorsed athletes are expected to deliver in return and whether it’ actually a viable route for anyone thinking of heading along a similar path.

It’s a long, and sometimes lonely, road to the top and many will never quite make it. Check out the series below if you’re thinking of taking your shot at the big time.

Extreme sports sponsorship – what it means, part one

Extreme sports sponsorship – what it means, part two

Becoming an action sports athlete – (extreme sports sponsorship), part three

Surf-In-FijiTaj Burrow – one of a handful of fully paid up pro surfers

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Tools for the job

Originally posted on Tez Plavenieks:

Tez SurfThe author surfing

Somewhere in the world now there will be agro and animosity in the water.

Someone riding a  craft different to that of another water user will have decided to take offence at this fact, which then results in, at worst some form of biff and at best a scowling form of stink eye.

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AHD Summerboard review

Tez Plavenieks:

Still plenty of good weather to be had in the UK. Unfortunately that’s usually accompanied with light winds. But don’t let that stop you get a windy fix in the bag!

Originally posted on Tez Plavenieks:

The best of both worlds

As a fan of both windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding I’ve always considered windSUP appealing. Unfortunately, most SUPs are optimised for one or the other – paddle or sail.

AHD Sealion Summerboard review

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Sizing it up – your perfect SUP mate

Tez Plavenieks:

Tips for choosing your stand up paddle sled…

Originally posted on Tez Plavenieks:

In light of the current run of uber low volume/width/length surf SUPs being widely promoted, the question is posed: how small should we actually be going?

After being dumped by the roadside, the renaissance of longboard stand up paddle surfing has also popped back onto the agenda – something many toes on the nose aficionados will be relishing. (After all, prone surfing luminaries recognise both disciplines as two halves of the same puzzle, so why shouldn’t SUP be the same?)

Read more of tall, short, fat or thin – choosing your perfect (SUP) mate over on Loco.

Off the topSUP surf sizing

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