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Tez Plavenieks:

Check out this interview I did with Nick and Simon from SUPfm…

Originally posted on SUP Mag UK:

SUP Mag UK editor Tez Plavenieks was recently interviewed by Nick and Simon from SUPfm. In episode number eight the guys chat to Tez about buying your first stand up paddle board – among a few other things. You can check out the podcast now by hitting up


There are loads more interviews on the SUPfm site – get even more stand up stoke by having a browse. Stay tuned for more over the next few weeks.

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Land SUP/paddling – surf style

It may not look particularly extreme but land paddling/SUPing (whatever you want to call it) – basically pushing yourself around on a longboard skateboard with a stick/pole/paddle – really does help improve paddling surfing. Riding ramps and skate parks really makes you focus on paddle placement and how to manoeuvre the board as you would on a wave.

Skate ramps are static so the opportunity of repeating similar movements, over and over, allow muscle memory skills to develop and be consolidated. This means when next out on the brine and confronted by swell your autopilot can be engaged and riding level increases.

Tez Plavenieks knocking one of teh top land SUP styleOff the top coming down 2

I appreciate this isn’t for everyone, and let’s be honest, hitting the concrete deck is far more painful than splashing into water. If you really want to develop your SUP surfing, however, then land paddling is definitely worth a look. In particular, trying to get up to the top of the ramp and turn on the most vert part is exactly the same feeling as a big lip hit on the water.

If the thought of stacking it turns you off then there’s always land paddle crusing which doesn’t result in so many bruises!

The March issue of SUP Mag UK features an in depth feature on land paddling – check it out:

Thanks to Shoreham Beach Land Paddle and Land Paddle UK.

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Performance (short) stand up paddle surf boards

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Although summer’s now here in the UK it doesn’t mean the swell’s gone for good. In fact this early part of the season can be a good time to score superb conditions with much milder air temperatures. Even in high summer Mother Nature can smile favourably on us and deliver stunning waves. Let’s hope we get this more often than not in 2015.

Loco 7.4ft SUP Mag UK testing #2

With the above in mind here are a bunch of performance stand up paddle surf boards to help you tackle conditions when they turn on. These rip sticks also work well in slack surf and therefore have all round appeal and incredible versatility. You just have to decide which one’s right for you. Check out our write ups by hitting the links.

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Circle One 10.5ft (2015) all round SUP review vid

Tez Plavenieks:

Bit of fun in the sun…even warm enough in boardies (for me!).

Originally posted on SUP Mag UK:

The last few days at SUP Mag UK test HQ have been glorious with plenty of early season sunshine. A few wavelets were lapping across the SUPer bank a few days ago so our ed decided to head out on Circle One’s 2015 10.5ft all round stand up paddle board. While not the most extreme conditions, what was on offer proved perfect for testing the 10.5ft and super fun. You can see from the footage that even a ripple will drive this baby forwards and it just keeps on gliding – with minimal paddling effort.

Catch the full write up in the next issue of SUP Mag UK…stay tuned.

You can check out more Circle One SUP gear here –

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Testing times – the importance of stand up paddle board tests and reviews

Originally posted on SUP Mag UK:

As editor of SUP Mag UK one of my roles is testing the many bits of gear that come our way. I often get asked why test kit?

Tez Plavenieks testing BIC's 10ft Air stand up paddle booard for SUP Mag UK

When I first got hooked on SUP there was hardly any info knocking about regarding equipment. Tit bits tended to pop up in various places online – mainly via the American mags – and every now and again you’d spot a fellow paddler, at some UK put in, who would be using a unique bit of kit (or at least something you hadn’t seen before). A chat would usually ensue about the product in question resulting in a bit more info for the knowledge bank – this was back in 06/07.

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Durability, stability and affordability – Neptune 12ft Race/Tourer review

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Neptune SUPs 12ft Race/Tourer is a distinct looking beast with its slightly upturned nose – something that goes against current race/touring board thinking. As usual the bamboo veneer finish is distinctive of the brand and gives a uniquely identifiable trait.

Neptune SUPs 12.6ft Race/Tourer SUP Mag UK review

While not the lightest stick it’s pretty easy to transport to the put in. During the testing conditions were absolutely brass monkeys and the last thing we wanted was a dunking! Fortunately the 12ft’s stability is such that this wouldn’t be happening. Staying true to the touring/race hybrid concept the Neptune will keep all but the most clumsy footed rider from falling seaward. A composed nature permeates through every session and makes for a relaxing ride. This isn’t to say paddlers can’t step it up – on the contrary moderate downwinders are super fun. The pronounced nose rides high of rollers and stops any unwanted ‘slamming’ into the back of swells.

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Pretty in pink – Fatstick Pink Panther 10ft review

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Fatstick’s Pink Panther 10ft may not be to everyone’s taste – the name (recently changed from Hunk Magnet) and pink flowery design maybe put some of you more masculine paddlers off. And yet, this would mean missing out on what’s actually a super fun shape to ride. It’s pretty obvious which gender Fatstick are marketing this particular stick towards but there’s no reason all comers shouldn’t get involved – just depends on how Metro-sexual you Alpha Males are feeling…

Fatstick Pink Panther 10ft 1Fatstick Pink Panther 10ft 2

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